Iggy 1.0 was devising a plan to attack the security guard he had a map of the building he decided the first thing to do was wait for Iggy 2.0 to leave the stage so he waited it was 3:00 am Iggy 2.0 had finally left the main stage he wandered off to the office hallway then Iggy 1.0 ran to the staircase and stopped in his tracks he looked at the camera and the lens was moving the guard was looking through the camera Iggy 1.0 then quickly ran up the stairs he stopped again he remembered tambles if tambles or stingy saw him he was done for so he tip toed past all the doors and then found a vent perfect he said it's time to kill him he started crawling through the vent then he saw a cage flop down in front of him the vent was sealed off what the hell is this he said then something grabbed him it quickly pulled him out he looked upwards and saw tambles oh hi tambles what's wrong tambles had his pyscoti face as usual tambles then dropped Iggy 1.0 he raised his cymbals Iggy 1.0 closed his eyes then he heard a loud clash he opened his eyes and saw stingy he had punched tambles out of the way then stingy put his hand out to help Iggy 1.0 up Iggy 1.0 grabbed his hand stingy pulled him up hey stingy Iggy 1.0 said how are you doing good he replied hey stingy yeah he said do you think you could help me kill the guard sure he said

The Final Part coming soon

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