Stingy and Iggy 1.0 walked down the hallway and spoke to each other so how are we going to kill him hmmm iggy1.0 thought wait let's go through the arcade isn't there a vent that's there yeah stingy said let's get to that vent they both then ran down the stairs but stingy stopped Iggy 1.0 he looked around and said costs clear they walked through the family dining area stingy looked down the office hallway and said where is he they heard noises from the storage closet run stingy said they ran past the door they then ran through the arcade where the hell is the vent over here stingy said go Iggy 1.0 you kill him OK Iggy 1.0 said he slowly crawled through the vent he saw a camera he ripped the lens off and sat it behind him the guard was looking at the tablet Iggy 1.0 crawled out and stood there the guard pulled the tablet down and Iggy 1.0 said surprise mother#$#$er and bit the security guard blood was leaking out of his head he was dead then Iggy 2.0 came through and said you thought you could get revenge well not today Iggy 2.0 lunged at Iggy 1.0 he jumped out of the way Iggy 2.0 smashed into the wall and his arm fell off ahhhhh what the hell he said Iggy 1.0 punched him in the face he fell backwards and hit the wall another arm came off Iggy 1.0 grabbed his head and ripped it off and the endoskeleton head was visible he then ripped that off it's over he said he's dead Iggy 1.0 walked out of the room he got up on stage and deactivated 

The End

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