So Iggy 1.0 was in the family dining area he could see the main stage but barely Iggy 2.0 wasn't there as usual it was Tuesday at 2.00 am so he didn't expect him to be there Iggy 1.0 walked towards the main stage and looked at it it reminded him of when he was the original Iggy he got up on the stage and looked at the family dining area and thought to himself what ever happened but then he heard something it was the stage music crap he thought I have to go that means Iggy 2.0 is coming Iggy 1.0 found his way back to the parts room and hid behind the door and he peeked out of the door he saw Iggy 2.0 come running to the main stage Iggy 1.0 watched him as he got back on stage Iggy 1.0 realized something wait if I want revenge I need to get that security guard he'll foil all my plans

To Be Continued......

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