Here is my Iggy's funhouse fanfiction.

Long ago a resturaunt named Iggy's funhouse was closed due to an unfortunate incident where Tambles the monkey was preforming with Iggy when Iggy suddenly said "Hey there Tambles. Can I try with those cymbals?" Tambles handed them over then Iggy smashed a kid in the head with them. Tambles lept at Iggy but missed. He was tramatised by this event. The resturaunt was closed but many years later it reopened.

Everything was happy until a Shadow Iggy showed up said "I am still here." and vanished. A day later Iggy 1.0 came out of nowhere screaming but Tambles got his revenge and smashed him to pieces destroying him forever. At least they thought. Iggy 1.0's head was laying on the ground in the Parts room and then its eyes opened up...

To be continued...

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